Kreatura 2019

For years now, the Kreatura contest has been a regular item on the late autumn calendar of artists, companies and entities that carried out a marketing campaign or participated in its implementation. This year the stars of the evening were: Just Agency, which broke the bank - 5 applications, 5 nominations, 5 awards; Tiger, Marzena Rogalska's favourite, who was collecting awards wearing white martens [...]


UEFA Europa League Final in Baku

UEFA Europa League Final in Baku is a close encounter with soccer of the highest quality! Commissioned by Platige Image, we transported a large piece of LED to Azerbaijan. We did it in order to beautifully start the emotions of the Opening Ceremony. A diode circle was placed in the middle of a huge turf. On it we set the structure for the main performer - Jonas Blue, [...]


Kreatura 2018

The starry 22nd edition of the independent creation in advertising competition - Kreatura 2018 - took place in the atmospheric premises of Mała Warszawa in Praga Północ district. The Awards Gala featured TV commercials from the 1990s and prophetic quotes from the first issues of Media&Marketing Polska magazine, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year [...]


Złote Spinacze 2018

Złote Spinacze Gala is the culmination of the competition rewarding the most creative and reliable PR activities. In the 2018 edition we had a double share in it - in our standard field of activity, technically framing the whole event in image and light, and inviting the awardees on stage - Marek Wasilewski presented the winning clips in the "Corporate Event" category [...]


Project "Audiovisual innovations in PRO4MEDIA"

Project co-financed by the European Union from the Operational Programme Innovative Development within the framework of Measure 2.3 Innovative services for enterprises, Sub-measure 2.3.1 Innovative business services for SMEs The project objective is to purchase pro-innovative consulting services from an accredited Business Environment Institution leading to the development and implementation of an innovative technology [...]


We march with Ecco

Sometimes the way is more important than the goal 🙂 At the ECCO Walkathon both these things are of equal importance. Our diode accompanied the participants of the Polish edition of the walkathon on Saturday, September 15, 2018. Kamil Bednarek and Grzegorz Hyży provided the warm-up on stage. See the coverage of the celebration of marching together >>>.


Nigel Kennedy in Wilanów

Kennedy invited Bach and Gershwin to perform at the Wilanów courtyard. Nigel Kennedy, the English violinist, masterfully combined jazz with the classical sound of L'Orchestre du Joli Bord.  The sounds of the summer concert still ring in our ears, especially the Polish premiere of "The Magician of Lublin". [...]


Lost Museum 2018

During Museum Night 2018, as in previous years, we had the great honor of participating in the visual setting of the extraordinary project of the Lost Museum, which restores the memory of lost pieces of Polish history. The 2018 edition of this event is a focus on the "Royal Dream" of Stanislaw August. The symbol [...]


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