Startuje Art Box Experience!

Uwaga, uwaga – dziś w końcu możecie zobaczyć, czym byliśmy zajęci przez ostatnich kilka miesięcy, bo to właśnie dzisiaj otworzył się dla publiczności projekt Art Box Experience w warszawskim Norblinie! #Artbox to w pełni immersyjna przestrzeń multimedialna, którą w całości wyposażyliśmy w obraz z ponad 50 projektorów Barco, połączonych systemem realizacyjnym złożonym z urządzeń #Pixera. […]


Kreatura 2019

For years now, the Kreatura contest has been a regular item on the late autumn calendar of artists, companies and entities that carried out a marketing campaign or participated in its implementation. This year the stars of the evening were: Just Agency, which broke the bank - 5 applications, 5 nominations, 5 awards; Tiger, Marzena Rogalska's favourite, who was collecting awards wearing white martens [...]


Lost Museum 2018

During Museum Night 2018, as in previous years, we had the great honor of participating in the visual setting of the extraordinary project of the Lost Museum, which restores the memory of lost pieces of Polish history. The 2018 edition of this event is a focus on the "Royal Dream" of Stanislaw August. The symbol [...]


LightPhonic – project and product for events

"Look, I want to have something like this on my event" the Client said, describing the show of lights. Such order shouldn't be asked twice! When it was created and lifted overhead, streaming by hundreds of light, we felt, that we show the participants the real magic of event. Although we know, that the movie is not the same, as being the part of this stunning show, […]


MTV EMA Pre-Party 2017

Polish MTV EMA Pre-Party is a preliminary to one of the most important musical events in the world - MTV EMA 2017. That's why on November 9, 2017 we watched celebrities on stage and in front of it, in the Warsaw Palladium. Dawid Kwiatkowski, Kamil Bednarek, Natalia Nykiel, Margaret and Monika Lewczuk took part in the fight for a trip to London[...]


Effie Awards Gala 2017

There are moments, when we feel that the world has just been rebuilt. Effie Awards Gala was one of those. The energy of this competition is incredible - because it’s the quintessence of creativity and cooperation skills itself. The idea of 2017 edition was movement and not only understood as content - there were just a few static moments on the huge stage of the Grand Theater - National Opera [...]


Fresh Fashion Awards 2017

Unusual frist edition of Fresh Fashion Awards gives us an insight into this contest and its components. It perfectly shows how the current street fashion goes hand in hand with technology over time. Also the openness of its creators reflects the ways of perceiving an event. You could see industrial, minimalism, even harshness [...]


Collections___Lost Museum

Lost Museum shows wander around Warsaw during Museum Night. We started to present them in 2011 on Old Town’s walls, then they strolled in front of the Presidential Palace, and for the last two years have found their place in the Lorentz Courtyard of the National Museum. Idfx and Ad Artis have been [...]


Lost Museum 2017

„Tapestries” are the weaved histories of absolutely unique Wawel carpets, missing during WWII. On last Saturday’s Museum Night 2017 in Warsaw you were able to look at their fate through the artists’ eyes. The concept and the production were taken by IDFX, in cooperation with the Ad Artis Art Foundation [...]


Lost Museum 2017 - we cordially invite

During Museum Night, on 19th in Krakow and on 20th in Warsaw and Poznan you will see an exceptional multimedia shows of “Wawel Tapestries”, introducing the fate of these unique works lost over WWII. PRO4MEDIA invites you to take a look at this history through artists’ eyes! The one and only [...]


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